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The IFS Black Card Program

Who Are We And What Do We Do?

Investment Fund Secrets is the #1 provider helping fund managers, investors, & entrepreneurs to build, launch, and scale their investment funds without having a fancy Ivy League degree or working on Wall Street for 20+ years.

In order to maximize value to our clients, we assembled our 'hero team' of fund managers to ensure we provide our clients with A-Players who are actively managing & scaling successful funds across multiple different industries.

We provide our clients with a truly custom-tailored approach in order to get their funds launched in the easier, quickest, and most cost effective way possible. And our members results can speak for themselves.

As of January 2022, there are over 3,000 students in the Investment Fund Secrets community, and the movement is growing quickly.
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Why Should You Work With Us?

This is the fastest & most cost effective path to build, launch, and scale your fund. 

We offer an extremely unique & customized service to emerging funds and asset managers. Investment Fund Secrets leads the way in bringing your investment strategy into the fruition of a fund. 

Over the past 2 years, we have worked directly with hundreds of first-time fund managers who have gone on to start countless 8-10 figure funds directly through what we call "The Fund Launch Formula."

See What Some Of Our Other Clients Have To Say

GK & Sakthi have raised $2.5 Billion across all three of their funds

Before joining IFS, Sakthi and GK knew that they wanted to start a fund, but had no idea how. They consulted over 40 attorneys to try and get help, but continued to run into difficulties with each one. However, after discovering the IFS podcast, Sakthi and GK decided that they wanted to join Investment Fund Secrets. Since joining 17 months ago, they have gone from 0-$2.5 Billion AUM across their three different funds set up under the name "Nanban Investments."

Dana raised $65M for his Real Estate Fund & has $500M in additional commitments

Before joining IFS, Dana was working in the wealth management industry dealing with alternative investments, where he eventually left his job and began doing syndications. After joining IFS, Dana has raised $65M with an additional $20M in commitments for his Real Estate fund. He also has $500M in commitments for his 2nd fund, which is currently under legal review. Dana says that if you are thinking about starting an investment fund, you should "highly consider" joining IFS.

David D. raised $3M with an additional $9M in commitments for his Crypto Fund

David joined IFS to scale his Crypto Fund. He said that IFS has helped transform his fund from a "friends and family" side hustle to a full-functioning crypto fund with $3M AUM and $9M in commitments. Additionally, David said that the most value he's received from IFS is help with the legal & licensing structure for his fund, the 1-on-1 coaching, and the IFS network that he now has access to.

Nick D. is raising $100m for his Real Estate fund after joining IFS

Before joining IFS, Nick was using the syndication model to invest into real estate assets. The process was working, but Nick and his team knew that they were being held back by their current model and were looking to scale. That's when Nick found IFS. Since joining us, Nick has been able to scale his business by switching to the fund model, and is now planning on raising $100M over the next 12 months for his income fund.

Randall M. was stuck in the syndication loop before joining IFS

Before joining IFS, Randall was stuck in the syndication loop, going through the same process over and over again every time he found a new deal. After finding Bridger on YouTube, Randall knew the it was time to switch to the fund model. Since joining IFS, Randall has been able to structure his fund, build out his team, learn about legal & compliance, and plans on launching his fund within the next year. Randall's favorite parts about the IFS BlackCard program is the community, networking opportunities, 1-on-1 coaching, and how easy it is to get questions answered by coaches and other fund managers in the group. According to Randall, if you want to be a fund manager, "you should join. It's a no-brainer."

RJ raised $3M for his Crypto Fund and is planning on raising much more

RJ currently runs a crypto asset management fund, where they manage $3M AUM. Since joining IFS, RJ has been able to get coached through the process of setting up his fund, where he plans to have $10M AUM in the next year. Additionally, RJ pointed out that the IFS network has been extremely helpful during the process of structuring and launching his fund.

George E. raised over $100M for his Private Equity fund

George, the co-founder of "American Dream Fund" and a $100M Private Equity fund joined IFS to help learn how to raise capital domestically for the next fund he is going to be launching. George said that the best part about IFS has been the live coaching calls, the access to other fund managers who can help through issues that he is having with his fund, and the coaching he's received to help navigate the early process of structuring and launching a fund. 

Jay P. is raising $25M for his "fund of funds" for their first round

Jay joined IFS to help structure and launch his fund of funds, where he is raising $25M in the first round. He noted that because of the IFS network, he already has multiple meetings with high net-worth investors that are looking to deploy capital into his fund. Jay said that him and his partners have "nothing to fear" during this process because they have experienced IFS coaches to help them through the whole process, along with the amazing network of other successful fund managers you gain access to after joining the program

John R. is raising $10M for his Hedge Fund. "IFS ignites the entrepreneurial spirit"

Before joining IFS, John, a 16 year IT industry veteran, had been personally trading Forex for about 10 years. Since joining IFS, John has started the process of scaling his trading and launching his own hedge fund, where he plans to raise $10M over the next year. John said that IFS has ignited the entrepreneurial fire within him, and has helped guide him through the process of setting up his fund.

Andrew J. is starting a fund to scale his Affiliate Software business

Instead of going through the tedious process of dealing with banks, creditors, etc to scale his Affiliate Software business, Andrew James decided to start a fund to scale instead. Andrew pointed out that the networking opportunities alone made his investment into IFS more than worth it, along with the "A-Z" fund launch coaching process that Black Card members go through. To anyone on the fence about joining, Andrew says it's a "no-brainer."

Jeff L. is raising $20m to open 25 urgent care veterinary clinics across the country

Despite only being 3 months into the IFS BlackCard program, Jeff says that it has already "exceeded his expectations" and "it's worth every penny." Since joining us, Jeff notes that IFS has been able to help him structure his fund, create his pitch deck, and navigate through the hectic fund launch process. Over the next 3 years, Jeff and his partners plan on raising $20M for their fund.

Emeka C. is starting a fund to build 15 sustainable food companies

To anyone on the fence of joining IFS, Emeka says "this is the ticket to make your dreams come true."
Emeka Chukwerah said that before joining IFS, he and his partners feared that they were going to give up all of their equity to investors when trying to fund the construction of their sustainable food companies. However, Emeka went on to say that IFS solved that huge problem by teaching him about the fund model. He mentioned that the videos alone gave him all the knowledge he needed to start a fund, but the 1-on-1 coaching, network, live events, group coaching, and access to other fund managers has made the process so much better. 

Brent M raised $7.5m to buy 72 houses in one year

Before joining IFS, Brent was stuck in the syndication model. He was only doing about 4-5 flips per year. Since joining IFS, he was able to raise $5M to buy 72 houses.

Simon raised $30m for his Venture Capital fund

Vas raised his first $1m and then raised an additional $22m for his RE Fund

Rich found his partner and raised his first $2m

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"Does The Fund Model Work For Me & My Specific Fund?"

"What Do I Need In Place In Order To Start A Fund?"

"What Does The Typical Timeline Look Like With You vs. Doing This On My Own?"

"How Quickly Can You Help Me Start My Fund?"

"How Can The Black Card Program Help Me Structure My Fund?"

"How Can The Black Card Program Help Me Raise Capital?"

"How Does Black Card Help Build My Network & Find More Investors?"

"How Does Black Card Help Existing Fund Managers?"

"What Do I Need To Know About Compliance And Legal?"

"How Much Money Is Being Left On The Table By Not Start A Fund?"

This Works For:

  Private Equity Funds

  Venture Capital Funds

  Real Estate Funds

  Hedge Funds

  Debt Funds

  Crypto Funds

 Any Investment Strategy You're Looking To Scale

Meet The Team

Bridger Pennington

CEO | Fund Manager | Fund Consultant | Investor

Bridger Pennington is the founder of 3 investment funds ranging from debt funds to real estate funds that have done over 326 transactions in the last 4 years.

Bridger has started helping others launch their own funds through Investment Fund Secrets, an online coaching program with over 4,000 students designed to help them build, launch, & scale investment funds without working on Wall Street or having an Ivy League degree.
Bridger has spoken on stage to thousands of people across the United States and is on a mission to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses through launching their own funds.

Lincoln Archibald

Chief Fund Consultant | Investor

Lincoln Archibald is the Lead Consultant for the Investment Fund Secrets Black Card Program. He has advised on fund structures, strategies & fundraising efforts across the alternative asset landscape resulting in more than $2 Billion raised by his clients.

In addition to consulting, Lincoln is actively involved in large scale Multifamily Commercial Developments throughout the intermountain Northwest.

Through previous roles in Venture Capital, Consulting, and JP Morgan - Lincoln is able to bring unique and powerful perspectives to the table.

John Pennington Jr.

Registered SEC Attorney | Chief Compliance Officer at a $250 million fund

John Pennington Jr. is an accomplished attorney (licensed in both New York and Utah) and brings over nine years of legal experience in private equity, fund formation, securities, tax, corporate and business law, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, debt financing, and compliance. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University and his Juris Doctor from Arizona State University – Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Mr. Pennington’s professional fund experience began at Bridge Investment Group (a behemoth real estate fund manager with over $20 billion AUM) where he was an associate counsel for the firm. He then gained valuable experience in corporate law, real estate, and securities at one of Utah’s most respected law firms – Clyde Snow & Sessions.

Since then, he has continued to expand his legal acumen by becoming one of the youngest partners at the law firm Freeman | Lovell, and further focused his practice on fund formation, securities, business law, and real estate. More recently, he was the Chief Compliance Officer of Sundance Bay, a successful private equity firm with over $700 million in equity investments since inception. In addition, he recently sold his highly successful private equity fund (which he was the managing partner of) that provides short-term loans to business startups, is a licensed Utah real estate agent, and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.  

Ryan Miller

Fund Consultant | Private Equity Investor

Ryan Miller is a finance veteran with nearly 15 years of experience in Corporate Finance, Technology, and Energy.  

Ryan launched his early career in NYC with Merrill Lynch's Sales and Trading group. After graduating with his Master of Finance degree, he went on to serve as the VP of Finance & Corporate Development in the Energy Industry as well as the Chief Financial Officer for one of the fastest-growing FinTech companies in Canada.  

He has led multiple venture capital syndication deals throughout the Software, AI, Solar, FinTech, Energy, and Infrastructure sectors. He has a mind for strategy, a passion for finance, and a love for teaching.  

Vu Tran

Specialty Coach | Raising Capital and Telling Your Story

Vu Tran is an expert in pitching, framing, and closing deals. Vu is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, and business coach. His mother and father successfully escaped their home country during the Vietnam War making him a first generation American born citizen. He is the first of his seven siblings to join the military serving almost a decade in the United States Marine Corps. He specialized in logistics, supply chain management, Lean Six Sigma, and intelligence. After the Marine Corps, he decided to focus on investing and coaching across the globe.

Vu has specialized in launching businesses and growth strategies. He is particularly well versed in pitching, articulating entrepreneurial messaging, elevating brands, integrating business systems to improve efficiency, and leveraging debt. He uses his experience to build more powerful businesses. 

Currently, Vu is building a diversified portfolio of businesses including a construction company, a mortgage brokerage, a short-term rental business, and a diversified real estate development and acquisitions group. He is currently working on opening 50 restaurants in the next 5 years.

Vu uses his diverse experience to help our clients craft their story into a refined pitch that will inspire investors to monetarily support our clients funds

Brent Mott

Specialty Coach | Single Family Real Estate & Real Estate Less Than $20mm

Brent was born and raised in central Texas. Brent comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. His grandmother, Helen Mott, has been investing in real estate since the 1960’s. Brent saw the successes that she had and developed an interest in real estate at a very young age.

Brent earned his BBA in Economics from the University of Mary Hardin Baylor in 2007. After graduation, Brent spent a year working for a non-profit before attending Texas Tech University where he earned his MBA with a 4.0 GPA.

Brent spent four years in the corporate world in high end retail sales. While working his 9-5 he began investing in real estate on the side

By 2014, Brent’s real estate investment activities had become successful enough to allow him to leave his corporate occupation to become a full-time real estate investing professional. After more success, Brent was recruited to become a real estate investing coach and speaker. Brent has coached and trained hundreds of real estate investors across the United States.

Brent has participated in multiple exit strategies for real estate investing, but his primary focus is on growing his “buy and hold” portfolio. Brent’s Portfolio includes: Single Family Residential Homes, Duplexes, Triplexes, Apartment Complexes, Self-Storage, Office Buildings and Land Development. In 2020 Brent joined Investment Fund Secrets and applied what he learned to raise $2,500,000 to start a fund to build a portfolio of SFR properties. Brent and his team are on track to break $100,000,000 assets under management this year.

Brent is passionate about real estate, investing, and helping people. Brent looks for opportunities to produce win-win outcomes for both he and his partners and the parties that he purchases real estate from. Brent looks for opportunities to provide excellent returns for his investors with minimal exposure to risk.

John Pagli

Fund Consultant | Strategic Business Development Advisor | Go To Market Strategy Expert

John M. Pagli, Jr., is a senior business development advisor in the alternative investment industry with broad and deep experience with hedge fund and private markets strategies. Based in Connecticut, he leads capital raising advisory mandates for raising capital for alternative investment managers and creating new products for alternative investors. John is a globally positioned C-Level strategic business development and operating executive with broad and deep experience of over 25 years in alternative financing and investments across the full spectrum of structures and investments ranging from private markets, spanning leveraged finance, structured finance, private equity, mezzanine financing, private debt and credit, infrastructure and project finance, and ESG, impact and Opportunity Zone investments, to an extensive array of hedge fund strategies.

He began his career in specialized lending with National Westminster Bank, after completing the bank’s credit training program at the top of his class, and then joined Union Bank of Switzerland to co-found and co-manage the North American project finance group, with aggregate transaction values in excess of $1 billion. John then moved to Wall Street and worked on a number of high-profile financing and advisory assignments and principal investments with Merrill Lynch with an aggregate transaction value of over $2.5 billion. Later, he embarked on his career in business development with alternative investment managers. As President and Managing Partner, John grew assets under management from $59 million to over $1.5 billion, and another $600 million for a few other alternative investments as head of business development. More recently, he managed the launch of several private markets funds with Prospect Capital Management, a leading business development company, and developed strategic investment partnerships for Corvias, a leading military and student housing and infrastructure developer.

With 25+ years of experience working with investment banks, hedge funds, and various private equity group, John is truly a seasoned fund expert.

Simon Vandi

Specialty Coach | Venture Capital Funds & European Funds

Simon Vandi is a Philanthropist, Investor, Entrepreneur, Investment Banking Executive, Data Scientist, owner of multiple businesses, Tech and Regulatory compliance Guru across seven regulations, Fund Management and Venture Capital SME.  

Over the last 23 years, he has led Major Global Compliance, Mergers and Acquisition, Capital Markets, Venture Capital Advisory, Fund Research, Business Intelligence, Integration, migration, Financial and Product control, Business Architecture and Data Science Program initiatives across North America, EMEA, Asia and Emerging Markets for Fortune 50 companies such as Deutsche Bank, ABN AMRO, Royal Bank, Union Bank Switzerland, HSBC, Bank of New York and several companies within the Entertainment and venture capital sectors. His past remit included joint accountability migration with other teams for M&A governance, consortium management, branding & communications, and financial technologies of £72 Billion Asset under Management.  

As a business strategist for some of the most viable and successful businesses, he has mentored individuals, c-suite executives, and businesses globally to achieve a 360-investment readiness across various industries, including brokering new business relations with revenue potentials over £700 Million AUM. He was also a senior coach providing guidance across regulatory/Regtech/Fintech training to executives from over 20 plus financial institutions and insurance companies within the EMEA region. 

Simon has a BSc in Aeronautical Engineering, MSc in Business Systems Analysis and Design, Advance Qualifications in Investment Banking, Advance Derivatives, Private Equity and Venture Capital, MiFID11, SFTR, CSDR, SRD II, EMIR, AIFMD, FATCA, CRS, GDPR, DAC6, AML, CFT, AI and Machine Learning.

Simon currently provides cross regulatory compliance and Regtech/Fintech advisory to one of Europe’s oldest Investment Bank, Asset Manager and Fund Management Financial institutions. He also provides business mentorships to several start-ups and fund management mentorship to several fund managers in training.   

Amongst his other accomplishments is owning Tech and Accelerator consultancy firm with bases in the UK and India, a book publishing firm, and a VC fund currently in the development stage. He is also currently advising and reshaping 30 technology-focused businesses in need of seed capital between $500 thousand to $100 million.  

Adam Campbell

CPA| Finance, Accounting, Family Office & Real Estate Expert

Adam W. Campbell, CPA brings over 20 years of experience in accounting, finance, and business intelligence including 5+ years in family offices and 10+ years of work in PE backed real estate companies focused on multi-family, commercial, debt and seniors housing developments. He was a founding employee for a real estate fund in Salt Lake City, UT that managed over $5 Billion of AUM. He has played key roles in scaling accounting & finance departments from the ground up in privately held and VC/PE backed operating companies. Adam also has extensive experience transportation, waste management, hospitality, industrial mining, and new venture finance industries.

In addition to his professional background, Adam is the Alumni Chairman of the Undergraduate Engagement program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business that helps over 1,200+ new incoming students annually to define, align and refine their education goals into future careers. He is licensed CPA in Utah and a regular mentor and judge of the Opportunity Quest and Utah Entrepreneur Challenge. Adam received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Accounting from the University of Utah and he completed post graduate studies in Business Analytics from the Harvard School of Business.

Gopala Krishnan (GK)

Specialty Coach | Hedge Funds, Real Estate, Venture Capital

Gopala Krishnan(GK) is leading the management of multibillion dollar private equity fund(s) in Nanban Enterprise(NE). NE uses advanced GK strategies in S&P500 index to generate superior financial positive returns for high net worth investors( individuals and other firms) under any market condition(UP, DOWN or Sideways).

There are four core areas to help our Nanbans (Meaning “Friends” in Tamil Language) or Investors -

Nanban Foundation: Foundation(nonprofit organization) driven by the core mission of imparting top-class free financial education to everyone. In addition to free education, NF is engaged in charitable activities in India and USA. (www.nanbanfoundation.org)

Nanban Investments: For sophisticated Investors, the firm provides Hedge Fund / Private Equity Fund vehicle for Nanban to generate superior positive returns. (www.nanbanenterprise.com)

Nanban Realty: For sophisticated Investors, the firm invests in multifamily real estate asset class to generate superior returns in the real estate market. www.nanbanrealty.com)

Nanban Venture Capital: For sophisticated Investors, the firm invests in upcoming and promising startups in addition additional diversification in other asset classes to generate superior returns in the long term. (www.nanbanventures.com)

Sakthivel Palani Gounder

Specialty Coach | Hedge Funds, Real Estate, Venture Capital

Sakthi is the Co-Founder of Nanban Group of Companies, and Chief Investment Officer of Nanban Enterprises LLC, one of fastest growing companies in the US, a market leader in Hedge funds and a market disruptor in registered investment advisory (RIA) business.

An innovative and thoughtful leader, with experience in leading Wealth Management Industry along with a decade of experience in Analytics and Data management, he has led futuristic data-driven products for Investment Advisors, delivered products that helped set strategic direction in the organization.

An Engineering graduate from CEG Chennai, India, and FinTech education in HarvardX, he has a passion for stocks, trading strategies, and knowledge sharing.

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