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Dana raised $65M for his Real Estate Fund, with $500M in commitments for his 2nd

Before joining IFS, Dana was working in the wealth management industry dealing with alternative investments, where he eventually left his job and began doing syndications. After joining IFS, Dana has raised $65M with an additional $20M in commitments for his Real Estate fund. He also has $500M in commitments for his 2nd fund, which is currently under legal review. Dana says that if you are thinking about starting an investment fund, you should "highly consider" joining IFS.

John R. is raising $10M for his Hedge Fund

Before joining IFS, John, a 16 year IT industry veteran, had been personally trading Forex for about 10 years. Since joining IFS, John has started the process of scaling his trading and launching his own hedge fund, where he plans to raise $10M over the next year. John said that IFS has ignited the entrepreneurial fire within him, and has helped guide him through the process of setting up his fund.

Andrew J. is starting a fund to scale his Affiliate Software business

Instead of going through the tedious process of dealing with banks, creditors, etc to scale his Affiliate Software business, Andrew James decided to start a fund to scale instead. Andrew pointed out that the networking opportunities alone made his investment into IFS more than worth it, along with the "A-Z" fund launch coaching process that Black Card members go through. To anyone on the fence about joining, Andrew says it's a "no-brainer."

David D. has $3M AUM with an additional $9M in commitments for his Crypto Fund

David Doss joined IFS to scale his Crypto Fund. He said that IFS has helped transform his fund from a "friends and family" side hustle to a full-functioning crypto fund with $3M AUM and $9M in commitments. Additionally, David said that the most value he's received from IFS is help with the legal & licensing structure for his fund, the 1-on-1 coaching, and the IFS network that he now has access to. 

Emeka C. is starting a fund to build 15 sustainable food companies

Emeka Chukwerah said that before joining IFS, he and his partners feared that they were going to give up all of their equity to investors when trying to fund the construction of their sustainable food companies. However, Emeka went on to say that IFS solved that huge problem by teaching him about the fund model. He mentioned that the videos alone gave him all the knowledge he needed to start a fund, but the 1-on-1 coaching, network, live events, group coaching, and access to other fund managers has made the process so much better. To anyone on the fence of joining IFS, Emeka says that this is "the ticket to making your dreams come true."

George E. has over $100M AUM in his Private Equity fund

George Ekins, the co-founder of "American Dream Fund" and a $100M Private Equity fund joined IFS to help learn how to raise capital domestically for the next fund he is going to be launching. George said that the best part about IFS has been the live coaching calls, the access to other fund managers who can help through issues that he is having with his fund, and the coaching he's received to help navigate the early process of structuring and launching a fund. 

Jay P. is raising $25M for his "fund of funds"

Jay Personious joined IFS to help structure and launch his fund of funds, where he is raising $25M in the first round. He noted that because of the IFS network, he already has multiple meetings with high net-worth investors that are looking to deploy capital into his fund. Jay said that him and his partners have "nothing to fear" during this process because they have experienced IFS coaches to help them through the whole process, along with the amazing network of other successful fund managers you gain access to after joining the program

Jeff is using his fund to open 25 urgent care veterinary clinics across the country

Despite only being 3 months into the IFS BlackCard program, Jeff says that it has already "exceeded his expectations." Since joining us, Jeff notes that IFS has been able to help him structure his fund, create his pitch deck, and navigate through the hectic fund launch process. Over the next 3 years, Jeff and his partners plan on raising $20M for their fund. 

Nick D. scaled his Real Estate fund after joining IFS

Before joining IFS, Nick was using the syndication model to invest into real estate assets. The process was working, but Nick and his team knew that they were being held back by their current model and were looking to scale. That's when Nick found IFS. Since joining us, Nick has been able to scale his business by switching to the fund model, and is now planning on raising $100M over the next 12 months for his income fund.

Randall M. was stuck in the syndication loop before joining IFS

Before joining IFS, Randall was stuck in the syndication loop, going through the same process over and over again every time he found a new deal. After finding Bridger on YouTube, Randall knew the it was time to switch to the fund model. Since joining IFS, Randall has been able to structure his fund, build out his team, learn about legal & compliance, and plans on launching his fund within the next year. Randall's favorite parts about the IFS BlackCard program is the community, networking opportunities, 1-on-1 coaching, and how easy it is to get questions answered by coaches and other fund managers in the group. According to Randall, if you want to be a fund manager, "you should join. It's a no-brainer."

RJ D. has $3M AUM in his Crypto Fund

RJ currently runs a crypto asset management fund, where they manage $3M AUM. Since joining IFS, RJ has been able to get coached through the process of setting up his fund, where he plans to have $10M AUM in the next year. Additionally, RJ pointed out that the IFS network has been extremely helpful during the process of structuring and launching his fund.

Brent raised $7.5M to buy 72 houses. 

Simon raised $30M for his VC Fund. 

Dana raised $35M for his Real Estate Fund.

Vas raised $1.2M with an additional $22M in commitments for his RE Fund.

Rich found his partner and raised his first $2M.

Since joining IFS, Eric & Chase have raised $19M to loan to house flippers.

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